Autoservicio mayorista Diarco is a modern Argentine company dedicated to wholesales and wholesale distribution, your partner to improve your business, a place where you can find all brands at the best prices.

With over thirty years of experience and a solid business record, Self Service Wholesaler Diarco carries a wide variety of products and complementary services to satisfy our customers, by combining the best product offering every day, with the support of a team of people who are always willing to help.

With our stores spread across Argentina, you can always count on the best Diarco service in your area.

At Diarco, you will always find:

  • Grocery, Candy and Dairy products, Beverages and Deli products.
  • Cleaning supplies, Cosmetics and Home furnishings.
  • Home appliances.
  • Top brands for every product.
  • Our own brands, which are highly recognized in the market for their excellent price-quality combination.
  • Sales for the food industry: a section aimed at satisfying specific needs of hotels, restaurants, etc.

  • You are cordially invited to visit us in any of our stores and enjoy what Diarco has to offer.

    We offer the best wholesale services

    At each of our stores, you will enjoy selecting and picking up all products yourself, in a very simple and convenient way: grocery products, candy, food products, beverages, cleaning supplies, cosmetics, home furnishings, home appliances and many more.

    Well-trained staff is always available to assist our customers.

    Our telephone customer service system is handled by a team of operators who will answer any question you may have.